• Carpani, Giuseppe Enrico S. J.
  • Known name forms: Carpani, Giuseppe Enrico S.J. Tyrrhus Creopolita
  • Born: 1683, died: 1762
  • Giuseppe Carpani was born in Rome on 2 March (according to Mazzucchelli) or 2 May (according to Sommervogel) 1683 and died in Rome in 1762. He was a prolific Jesuit poet and playwright in Latin and a professor of grammar, logic and rethoric at the Collegio Romano. He was also a significant figure in the Roman cultural milieu, mainly in the context of the relationships between the Society of Jesus and the Academy of Arcadia, which he entered in 1718.

  • Works:

    Tragoediae sex

    De Iesu infante odae anacreonticae

    De opinione probabili rectoque illius usu opusculum tripartitum