• Maurisperg, Anton S.J.
  • Known name forms: Maurisperg, Anton Maurisperg, Antonius
  • Born: 1678, died: 1748
  • Anton Maurisperg was born in Cilli on the 4th of March, 1678. In 1692, aged 15, Maurisperg entered the Jesuit order. He then devoted himself to the study of philosophy and then theology, achieved his doctorate and then became a teacher. As teacher in the humanities class he taught the subjects poetics and rhetoric, first in Graz and then in Vienna, where he also became prefect of the Viennese ‘Professhaus’ and historiographer of the province for several years. From Vienna, Maurisperg returned to Graz as dean and worked as praeses. He then became ‘regens’ at the seminary of Leoben. He also worked in several other colleges in various functions. Anton Maurisperg died on 12. December 1748 in Vienna, leaving behind him a considerable number of publications, mostly in Latin, but also including one in German (a treatise about the miracles of Saint Francis de Hieronymo from the Jesuit order).

  • Works:

    Dramata IV. Mutius. Deodatus. Stanislaus. Joannes Nepomucenus. Variis in theatris, cum bene meritis in arena literaria victoribus praemio decererentur