• Pázmány, Peter
  • Known name forms: Pázmány, Peter
  • Born: 1570, died: 1637
  • Péter Pázmány (1570–1637) is one of the most important political and intellectual figures of seventeenth-century Hungary. Born in Várad (now Oradea, Romania) in 1570, Pázmány studied in Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Cracow, and Jarosław. He studied philosophy in University of Vienna (1589-1592), and then theology at the Collegio Romano in Rome (now the Pontifical Gregorian University) under St. Robert Bellarmine, S.J. (1592-1596). Having entered the Jesuit Order, he was ordained to the priesthood in Rome. He was made a Doctor of Theology in 1597 Vienna. In 1597-1600, he lectured in philosophy at the University of Graz. By 1616, he had established a reputation through his statements to the Hungarian Diet, his writings and sermons, and his efforts to convert notable Hungarian families to Catholicism. On 28 September 1616 he was appointed as Archbishop of Esztergom, the Primate of Hungary. Pázmány thus became the soul of the Catholic Counter-Reformation in Hungary. Moreoever, Pázmány's highly important legacy was his mastery of Hungarian as a literary language.

  • Works:

    In libros Aristotelis De coelo