• Porée, Charles
  • Known name forms: Porée Charles Porée Carolus Poraeus Carolus
  • Born: 1675, died: 1741
  • Charles Porée was born 14 September 1676 in Vendes, near Caen, in a family of the petite bourgeoisie. His father was a surgeon. His younger brother Charles-Gabriel, around 1712, became librarian of Fénelon until his death in 1715.

    Charles Porée was first educated at Caen at the Jesuit Collège du Mont. At age 16 (in 1692) he decided to enter the Jesuit order, originally with the intention to join the mission in foreign countries, but his superiors decided otherwise. After two years of novitiate at the collège Louis le Grand of Paris, followed by a year to complete his literary education, he is appointed to teach at the college of Rennes in 1696. Here, according to custom, he taught for 6 years, accompanying his pupils from their first year until the 6th year (Rhetorics). In 1701 he returned to the collège Louis le Grand in Paris to do a year of philosophy studies and four years of theology. In 1705-1706 he is ordained to the priesthood. After a year of teaching the rhetorics class in Rouen and completing the third year of novitiate, he returned to the college Louis le Grand in Paris, where he would stay for the next 33 years: from 1708 until his death in January 1741.

    Porée enjoyed great success as a teacher. He famously taught the young Voltaire. Porée is most well-known for his orations and tragedies.

  • Works:

    Theatrum sitne vel esse possit schola informandis moribus idonea

    Brutus Tragoedia