• Eedes, Richard
  • Iter Boreale
  • 1583
    Collection: British Library, London, Signature: ms. 30352
  • In this poem of 668 hexameters, Eedes recounts a journey from Oxford to Durham, which he made in 1583, accompaning his friend Tobias Matthew, the designated dean of Durham and later archbishop of York, and other eruditi to the north. Eedes describes the pleasures as well as the difficulties of the journey: the roads and inns, the good and bad food. He also mentions monuments, sites, other travellers and locals the group encounters on their way.

  • Edition: Sutton, Diana: Oxford Poetry by Richard Eedes and George Peele, New York 1995.
  • Geography – Verse – Poem
  • Secondary Literature:

    Henderson, Felicity: Erudite Satire in Seventeenth-century England. Diss. Monash University 2002.

  • Link: http://www.philological.bham.ac.uk/eedes/contents.html